About Us

Charlotte Zoological Park will feature exotic animals like Giraffes.

Charlotte is the largest metropolitan area in the United States without a zoo. When local citizens have been asked what kind of attraction they would most like to see created in Charlotte, a zoo tops the list. It is the kind of facility that appeals to the masses. In fact, admission prices for zoos are typically the most affordable of any major attraction.

Besides being a fun, affordable place for families to visit, a zoo is a great source for learning. We intend to partner closely with local school systems to provide an enhanced educational experience for our children. A zoo in Charlotte would offer a dynamic and convenient field trip destination for hundreds of thousands of students from numerous counties.

The proposed location is on 250 acres of natural North Carolina land. We are currently raising money to purchase the land and are asking for financial support from individuals, families and businesses. We hope you will join our grand expedition.

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